Compliance Review

Our badged staff can help you stay compliant, and do a complete audit of your company to ensure long term compliance. As part of a SWOT review, we can determine best plan for management of your companies compliance.

Grow Specialists

Our team has several natural and experienced large scale cannabis growers. We will help you get an existing grow facility up to par, or start on your next build-out. From indoor, and outdoor, cannabis or hemp, our staff has the experience to guide and improve each.

Medical or Recreational

Denver Cannabis Consulting has worked with both medical and recreational laws, and business models. Both have pro's and cons, we can help you navigate how both are best suited for your existing or growing company.

Attract customers

Many services we offer allow you to market your audience, while maintaining compliance and providing the widest audience possible. We have been providing solutions to best suit each companies regulated need in promoting their business since 2009.